D’Artagnan isn’t dead…

…’cause I heard him on the radio. (Music reference from a few years back there!)

In fact, as those of you following Tea with D’Artagnan may have noticed, the story hasn’t finished yet. However, it is now the 3rd of December, and I have written over 55,000 words. D’Artagnan has not been abandoned, and chapter twenty is in a half-written Word document state as we speak (well, as I type, to be more precise), but expect a slightly slower rhythm over the next few days and weeks. In fact, I would recommend following the blog or me on Twitter (or both!) and then you’ll know exactly what’s going on with your favourite serial novel. (*hint hint*)

In other news, lots of exciting projects out and about! I’m translating for Brit Es magazine (English version launch date imminent!), collating guest posts for Splendid Paris (the lovely Ivana says I absolutely have to try her recipe for chocolate and chestnut snail buns), planning various other articles and writing angry notes about the anachronistic misrepresentation of Medieval women (that one’s not for public eyes, sorry!). Oh, and eating cake too… 🙂

Oh, and one that I missed on its original appearance date, but worth a read (well, I think so) here.


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