Why cake? And why Fridays?

Otherwise known as ‘About me’ 🙂

I study French and Spanish at uni, and in our third year they don’t invite us back: they kick us out into the ‘real world’. So while the rest of my friends are moving their books and cooking stuff back to Oxford and preparing to lock themselves in the library to prepare for their finals, I’ve got myself a job in Paris.

I spent ten weeks over the summer hanging around in organic gardens in northern France, eating a lot of seriously good bread and cheese and doing a hell of a lot of weeding. And then I did a complete lifestyle change and came to work for an agency that rents luxury holiday apartments. So I spend my days whizzing around the city by bike, welcoming guests and nosying round people’s really gorgeous homes as ‘research’ so that I can write descriptions for them. Oh, and dealing with odd questions and awkward demands… 

When I’m not doing that, I can be found at the running track in the 15th arrondissement, the swimming pool in the 4th, with the girls that I help with their English in the 14th, the office in the 16th, shopping at a market in the 3rd or a deli in the 5th or maybe visiting a museum or art gallery somewhere… Oh, or maybe at home in the 1st! 🙂 I also like doing the odd wee trip out into the countryside, and so bafflement in train stations (especially in the Ile-de-France) is a common state for me!

And the cake? Well, being indecisive and living in the land of boulangeries and patisseries, I quickly realised that I would have to make some kind of resolution to stop me going insane. And so I decided that once a week I would treat myself to some kind of goodie, be it pastry, cake, ice cream, crepe, waffle… And since this masterplan occurred to me on a Friday in Compiegne (eating a rather delightful biscuit, cream and praline concoction), Cake on Fridays was born! 

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