Neither interesting nor remarkable, but…

Here will appear things that might be called ‘news’, except for the fact that really they’re minor things, interesting to me and possibly you if you’re being polite!

And so:

29th November 2013: (Sorry, I’ve not been keeping this up to date!)

I am now the newest translator and ‘colaboradora’ for Brit Es Magazine, thanks to the wonderful Sarah Burne James! Lots of articles about the arts, literature, food…

Have a look if it sounds your cup of tea: (English language launch imminent!)

19th October 2013:

My debut run in Paris: 3rd woman and 1st in my age category for a 6km trail race! Appreciated the madeleines for the post-race tea, but not so sure what I think about the white wine laced with cassis as a recovery drink…

18th October 2013:

And here it is, my first post on the Huffington Post blog:
Even if you disagree with everything I say, I’m proud it’s up there (the first blog post that I’ve actually had to give to someone to approve!)

4th October 2013:

I saw an advert a couple of days ago for the Huffington Post looking for UK student bloggers, and dashed off a quick email response. They asked for a speculative blog post (presumably check that you can string sentences together), and so I sent something I cobbled together whilst heading home from work on Tuesday, which they apparently liked enough to accept me. I’ll stick a link to anything I write for them that makes it up onto their site, but for now, I’d better go and tackle taking a photo for the mugshot they want. Apparently the crucial thing is being able to see your hairline (thus bald bloggers not allowed..?)


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