M.I.Y. Cakes

That would be Make-It-Yourself, of course.

As far as I’m concerned, baking is good for your health, for your mind, for your relationships with others and for your soul.

Health? Well, when you bake something at home, you know exactly what’s going in it, and you’re only eating what you put in there, unlike the stuff that you buy from a supermarket… (And anyone that’s whipped egg whites or creamed butter and sugar by hand will know that it can be bloody hard work as well!)

Mind? Think about it: you’re concentrating on following instructions, executing them, judging quantities and textures, all of which exercise your brain more than you’d think. There’s also the creative side, evaluating possible taste combinations and the overall appearance of what you make, and the scientific side as you work out what effect a change in oven temperature, substitution of ingredients or alteration of quantities will have on your final product.

Relationships with others? It is impossible to fail to make people smile with a cake, but a homemade one is always more special, because you’ve invested your time and personal effort into it. And baking with someone else, be it a friend or family member, can be one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an afternoon that I know.

And soul? Start making a cake and you’ll see what I mean.

I don’t promise to be a super baker: I’m just a student, who lives in a tiny flat with limited cooking facilities, but I enjoy baking and I know when I like the results, and hopefully I can share them with you and encourage you to give it a go as well. And everyone loves a good food photo…


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