After an amazing evening with fellow mad people (mostly French but a smattering of internationals and a tab!) deciding to do this 50000 word thing, I am almost 10% done and it’s only 10.30am on the first day. Expect rate to slow down considerably.

For those that want to read, links are here:

Chapter One
Chapter Two

Remember, I’m not just doing this for fun, I want you to check out BiblioWorks and donate some money to them for their amazing work.

Finally, a sneaky extract for the curious:

His new workmate, the guy who would be joining him as a typesetter in this, the busiest newspaper with the largest staff and the biggest print run in Paris (and therefore in France), was wearing a bloody great red velvet hat with a feather in it. His shirt was pristine white and appeared to have big ruffles down the front, his trousers were knee-length and tucked into his shorts, and his shoes were patent black leather with shiny silver buckles. He also had a curly wig that stretched far past his shoulders, and an elegant moustache that had quite clearly been carefully shaped. Oh, and he was pointing a sword at Georges’ throat.


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